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Ludhiana Basketball Academy: A New Hope for Basketball Aspirants

During 2011-2012 it was team Punjab who had won the trophy against team Tamil Nadu in the National Basketball Championship finals in Chennai. The team was having seven players out of twelve from LBA. The Ludhiana Basketball Academy is putting Indian basketball on the global map. Additionally, when India competed in the Asia Basketball Championship in Wuhan in 2011, six out of the 12 players were from LBA.

This academy could conceivably field a team of its own graduates and dominate in the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, currently, the LBA is putting on a good fight in the Asian competitions.

LBA was founded in the year of 2002 by R.S. Gill, Teja Singh Dhaliwal, and Dr Subramanian Initially, N.R.I. businessmen Harjinder Singh Dhanoa and Jagjit Singh Noni. The LBA search for “tall and talented” youngsters and is the best at shaping them into agile cagers. Moreover, Punjab has also produced various prolific basketball players in the past.

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