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Magical Effects of Regular Physical Activity

Physical activity is considered very much useful in keeping ourselves fit. Regular physical activity works magically in combating obesity and cardiovascular diseases worldwide. According to a research there are only about 20% of Americans that include 23%  of men and 18% of women engaged in suggested level of regular physical activity.

Gaining weight as well as being overweight or obese in middle age invites the risk for cardiovascular diseases. The diseases that are associated with obesity include heart attacks and stroke, as type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and some common dangerous cancers too. It has been suggested that regular physical activities provide us various important benefits apart from controlling body weight. It also regulates blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride, colon cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. Not only that it may even control breast and prostate cancers as well as arthritis, mood, energy, sleep like day to-day problems or lifestyle diseases. It is speculated that people generally avoid regular physical activities because it needs regular time and effort.

At the same time there is also a lack of knowledge about its immediate and long-term effects in us. It has been proved that brisk walking for only 20 minutes a day burns about 700 calories a week. It reduces about 30% to 40% risk of coronary heart disease in humans. It improves maintenance of muscle strength. There is a deep need to educate people about the importance of regular physical activity for weight management.


By- Anita Aishvarya

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