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Magnetic Reconnections All Around Us

Invisible magnetic explosions happening around the earth, are taking place not just on the sun’s surface but all across the universe. These explosions are known as Magnetic Reconnections. They occur when magnetic field lines cross and release stored magnetic energy.

This leads to acceleration of charged particle clouds throughout the universe. The giant magnetic bubble around the earth can fling charged particles towards the earth, thereby triggering auroras.

These magnetic reconnections also convert some magnetic energy into heat. This leads to lesser energy being available to the accelerated charged particle. There is a difference in the exhaust flow of cloud plasma of same density and of different density.

This difference is due to the interplay of solar winds and interplanetary magnetic field that is present all over the solar system.
These results can help us in understanding how particles are flung zooming towards the earth by the magnetic reconnection.

This can provide us knowledge about how objects in the space move throughout the universe, far from the easily observable things going on the near-earth space.



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