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Maintenance Of Your Computer’s Logic Board

Many people avoid the motherboard while carrying out their computer’s maintenance. Most of the maintenance tips involve looking after the software but there are various parts of the computer which should be inspected and the temperature should also be monitored so that no disastrous event takes place, for example frying of the important components. Motherboard plays a vital role in a computer system because it consists of electronic circuits which help in keeping the computer running. It also has many fans to keep the temperature cool because if a computer is heated so it will affect its speed and efficiency. Motherboard consists of the most important removable parts such as Random Access Memory (RAM), Video Card, Sound Card, the LAN Card etc.

These are the various steps to follow to keep the motherboard working efficiently:

- Sweep off the dust that keeps building on the motherboard

- Notice the swelling, busted or leaking capacitors

- Removable cards can be detached so you can clean the copper connectors with an eraser

- Keep a check on the CMOS battery

- Keep a check on the fan of video card as it will prevent the heat from building up

Regular maintenance of your motherboard will prevent it from slowing down and killing your system’s efficiency.

By: Swati Kaushal



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