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Make Your Child a Responsible Citizen

Teaching your school- goers the true definition of government and its characteristics is the best way to make them understand the meaning of a responsible citizen.

The experts have suggested that the parents should start with the basic such as helping their children to learn the vocabulary of democracy. Moreover, talking with them about the using words like 'laws,' 'meeting,' and 'vote' in the context of family life enhance their political vocabulary. The parents can also help their children to talk about an issue, as per their interest, to listen respectfully to the outlook of people with whom they might disagree.

This process can help the children to be a model citizen. The experts also added that the best way to teach children about our government is to demonstrate your devotion to what the entire system represents.  For this discussion, the dinner table is the best place where the parents can choose a topic and can ask their opinions on it.

By: Priyanka Negi



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