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Manzoor Dar: Kashmir To IPL

Sports persons in India always had an uphill battle to fight. From legendary Milkha Singh to Mary Kom or Irfan Pathan, who come from humble origins, had to fight their way through severe hardships, and sacrifices both by the player and his or her family to make it to the big circuit. However, hard work, determination and dedication make one reach the goal, the spirit of a true blue sports person.

Kashmir is yet another story all together. Once a paradise on Earth now the people are caught between cross hairs of a never ending chaotic unrest. This has affected the common people in all spheres of life and sports is the most hit. Though sports can be a great stress buster for the youths of the state yet few are able to sustain amidst the prevailing conditions One person who stood apart in the crowd is Manzoor Dar. Coming from Bandipora, usually in the news for the wrong reasons, the small village of Shigan Pora is now in news, for a boy from this village struggled his way to the IPL team. It is a story of great perseverance and hardship. Manzoor, eldest of 12 children had to eke out a living as security guard and woodcutter to meet his family expenses. As the eldest he had the responsibility to see that all his siblings were able to go to school and he pursue his passion for cricket. He made it to the Kings XI Punjab team for which he was paid 20 lakhs. Fortune favors those who defy adversities and persevere.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena



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