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Mary Fields Who Protected Wild West Stagecoaches

The Stagecoach Mary was the daring black pioneer who protected Wild West Stagecoaches. She was the first African-American woman mail carrier. The story of her life becomes clearer after the end of Civil War, when she was released from slavery.

Fields headed north to friendlier territory just like her former slaves did. She seems to have gone up the Mississippi River while working on riverboats and also worked as servants and laundress for families all along her way. It is not clear that how Mary found Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart in Toledo, Ohio. Dee Garceau-Hagen who a historian is told that one nun in the Convent remembered Mary’s anger when anyone disturbed her beautifully kept grounds.

In the year 1895, she received a contact from the postal service to become a star route carrier. She carried mail using stagecoach donated by Mother Amadeus. Her responsibility was to protect the mail on her way from thieves and bandits and to deliver mail. She performed this role for eight years.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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