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Mawlynnong– God’s Own Garden

Mawlynnong– God’s Own Garden

Mawlynnong, situated in Meghalaya, is the cleanest village in Asia. At first glance you may not find anything great about Mawlynnong but when you notice, there are bamboo waste baskets lining the single main road of the village, to ensure no untidiness.

There are cobbled streets bordered with thatched Khasi huts and gardens that are full of colourful and vibrant flowers. You will find bamboo baskets outside every house to keep the village area clean. You will see the most spectacular natural bridges that are made by twisting the roots of the gigantic rubber tree. The roots make a pathway across a stream leading to unique bridges for the villagers to commute. These bridges become stronger with time and can carry up to 50 adults at a stretch but never weakened. Mawlynnong has been declared as ‘God’s own garden’. The villagers have made an amazing Sky View having an 85 feet high tower made of bamboo. The village looks amazingly beautiful and unbelievable high from the Sky View. You can view Bangladesh as neighbour from there that adds to its beauty. It is heaven for photo lovers giving a perfect selfie situation.  Food is simple and full of taste with a variety of dal, rice, potato, red chilies etc. It is one the best getaways for a traveller and a foodie.  Right from the clean roads, tree houses to the unique living root bridges’ make this place so special. The villager’s simplicity and warmth makes Mawlynnong a worth to visit place.

By: Anuja Arora




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