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McDonald’s India Goes Healthy

McDonalds has been serving the Indian plate for last 22 years. Over the years, it has developed an indigenous menu completely unique to India. The brand has always been cognizant  of Indian sensibilities.It has kept its vegetarian kitchen separate from the non- vegetarian kitchen. The company also does not serve pork and beef in any of its restaurants in India.

To add to this excitement, the company, master franchisee for McDonald’s restaurants in west and south India, announced ‘The Good Food Story’ to reinforce its commitment towards promoting nutritive and wholesome food.
outside of the signature burgers and fries, the company has launched Chatpata Naan- a truly Indian delicacy with an international form. With the recent launch of rice having the goodness of bulgar, basmati rice and fresh vegetables in select markets, McDonald’s has ensured there is something for everyone. The menu also offers a plethora of sides and desserts to complete a meal. Through McCafé, it offers a range of over 30 cold and hot dairy and fruit based beverages.
Mcdonald's India declared that it has improved its menu with grilled and steamed items, which will have low sodium, oil and fat content. It has also expanded its product offerings, which include low-carb McAloo Tikki, healthier mayonnaise for burgers and fat free ice cream.

By: Swati Kaushal


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