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Mental Strength through NeuroTracker

Pressure can be described as a feeling which is created by one's reaction to performance within sporting situations. Handling pressure appropriately is the key to success for every sportsman. Three major sports events i.e. Commonwealth Games (CWG), the Asian Games and the World Cup are slotted for 2018.

Therefore, women’s hockey team coach Harendra Singh and his support staffs are making every effort to prepare the players for it. As a result, the Indian hockey team management has introduced ‘NeuroTracker’ to the woman players so as to improve their mental strength. NeuroTracker is a non-invasive system. It makes use of 3D multiple object tracking, wherein eight balls of green colours are displayed. Two of them, then turn orange. The player has to track these balls, which initially come in slow speed and later speed up. This program enhances the efficiency of neural networks. These neural networks govern situational awareness, attention, executive function and cognitive stamina. The program also helps in improving the decision-making abilities, concentration and reflexes of the athletes on the field. NeuroTracker program has been used in over 550 elite training facilities around the globe but it is being used in Indian hockey for the first time.

By: Anuja Arora


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