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Middle Class Families Perform Better In Creative Field

A recent study has revealed that middle class people are more efficient in creative fields such as music, paint as well as acting. The scientists have done a study on over 78,000 people and found that creativity is not linked with high status. Additionally, it is the level of education that develops creativity in people, said the scientists. After the researcher, the scientists have also identified that people who are earning more than £30,000 a year were less likely to take part than those earning less.

Moreover, the scientists revealed that social status mattered little. People in higher specialized jobs were less likely to take part in the arts, observed the researchers. The people with lower professional jobs were more likely to take part in such creative activities, said the scientists. According to the researchers there is a strong connection between artistic activities and good education. Additionally, people with a degree were more likely to participate in painting and photography as compare to those with who do not have any degree.

Along with the people with good qualification were more likely to mix up in dance and in crafts and four times more likely to play musical instruments, identified the scientists.


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