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MKK6: A Protein that Increases Chances of Obesity

Obesity leads us towards various other problems and diseases. Scientists have searched for a protein that causes obesity. It has been shown by them that the protein named MKK6 controls the conversion of fat stores, known as white fat, into brown fat, in which lipids are burnt to maintain the body temperature of the person and reduce obesity. Brown fat has become a piece of interest among obesity researchers in recent years. A balanced amount of body fat is essential for maintaining an appropriate energy balance and also for regulating our body temperature. But all fat does not do the same thing. There are two types of fats in our body. We have white adipose tissue that is a store of excess calories, whereas brown adipose tissue is considered a 'good' fat that burns lipids to maintain the required temperature of the body. The researchers say that Brown fat can be activated by cold to "generate heat instead of storing fat into our body. But the most interesting part is that white adipose tissue can be converted into brown adipose tissue that can increase the body temperature as well. Activation of this tissue could reduce excess weight. Obese individuals lose the ability to activate brown fat or to convert white fat into brown fat, and therefore are not able to lose weight because of the protein kinase MKK6.

By: Anita Aishvarya


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