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More Young and Compact Radio Galaxies

It has been found by a team of researchers that the number of young and compact radio galaxies doubled.  These radio galaxies are powered by new and energized black holes. The new numbers will help astronomers to know the relationship between size of these radio sources and their age. Also, they will get to know nature of galaxy and the reason behind more number of young radio galaxies than old.

Joseph Callingham, a post doctoral fellow from the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) said that we thought massive galaxies were evolved from smaller ones. After this research, he recognized that small ones are more than larger. It indicated that some got stuck at their childhood phase and never matured. The astronomers identified 1500 compact galaxies out of 90,000 radio galaxies in a survey.

Another model says that compact galaxies are young because jets had no time to reach far beyond central black hole. Closeness of hotspots makes them see as compact sources. Age of galaxies does not matter in size of galaxies. This is because gas within galaxy is too dense that it prevents extension of jets from central black hole. This data was collected by astronomers using Murchison Wide- field Array (MWA) which is an interferometric radio telescope in the Western Australia.




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