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Mother of Leonardo da Vinci Got Identified

Historians were dodged by the identity of Leonardo da Vinci’s mother for years. Martin Kemp is a leading expert on Leonardo da Vinci. He researched over various overlooked records in Italy.

Kemp claimed that Vinci is born to Caterina di Meo Lippi who was a 15 year old orphan, on April 15, 1452. Historians were already aware about his father Ser Piero da Vinci who was a lawyer and Vinci was mostly raised by him. They were also aware about the fact that Piero was not married to Leonardo’s mother. The blanks in the knowledge led to the formation of a conjecture on Caterina’s identity.

Kemp told that Caterina’s life as an orphan was miserable and Piero was about to become a successful lawyer in Florence. During Piero’s visit to his hometown, he might have met Caterina and gotten her pregnant. His family possibly gave her dowry to marry someone else. Kemp put all these links through property tax records. He also found that Piero did a legal transaction for Caterina’s husband.


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