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Mountaineering: A Pleasure of Climbing

Mountaineering, also known as mountain climbing, is the sport of attaining. Most of the people do it for the pleasure of climbing. Even though the term mountaineering is often loosely applied to walking up low mountains that offer only moderate difficulties. However, it is more properly restricted to climbing in localities where the terrain and weather conditions present hazards for safety. As compare to other out door sports in the world, mountaineering is entirely different as this outdoor sport contains its own set challenges and field actions.

Climbing mountains represents the thrills produced by testing courage and stamina of a person to the utmost in a situation of inherent risk. Mountaineering is a group activity with each member both supporting and supported by the group’s achievement at every stage. Earlier than the modern era, people used to do mountaineering for various reasons such as to get an overview for their own or neighboring country. Additionally, the earlier history has recorded few attempts to ascend mountain peaks for the mere sake of the accomplishment.

It is often said that mountaineering or mountain climbing is the sport of adrenaline junkies who are acute thrill seekers and cannot live without their daily quota of adventure and heart racing thrill. Climbers being adrenaline junkies cannot be dismissed with a simple wave of hand, but climbing itself is rarely about adrenaline rushes. For serious mountaineers and adventure lovers, climbing is much more than a reliable provider of their daily dosage of adrenalin. It goes much deeper than that as mountaineering is an extremely challenging and daring sport that test the limit of human endurance, willpower and determination.  Mountaineers routinely overcome fear, danger, fatigue and discomfort to relentlessly climb the next mountain, reach the next higher set goal. Apart from the physical challenge, the mental challenge is also extreme. A climber apart from possessing tremendous amount of physical strength and fitness also must possess a very strong mind. It is of paramount importance that the climber must be in full possession of his mental strength and keep marching despite discomfort, fears, and the danger lurking at every nook and corner of the stone-cold mountain. Uncontrolled nerves are the biggest threat for any climber as it often leads to shaking of legs and freezing up, while the grip on the rock loosens with every passing second. The physical challenges of being a mountaineer are on the extreme end of the spectrum as climbers often have to put their bodies to the extreme. However, climbing to the top of the mountain can be a rewarding experience like no other. The thrill of scaling a submit against all odds and ever present danger is an exhilarating feeling that cannot be simply described in words.




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