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Movie Depicts the State of Indian Wrestling

Pratinik Deshmukh’s short film, Maitili Kushti has become the subject of praise because of winning the national Award in the Best Exploration/ Adventure film category. The film focuses on the Chinchechi Talim, an old Indian wrestling ground in Pune. The place is a dim lit room, where about 40 wrestlers practice.

Even after the film getting praises at the national level, the Talim has seen no improvements and it still lies in dust. The Ustaad Pehelwan of the place said that earlier the place used to have more than 150 wrestlers here but now there are barely 50. The place is a residential training area and the players who take up wrestling are made to give up many pleasures. They follow strict diet and exercise and are made to follow the practice of brahmacharya.

Keeping in mind the deteriorating conditions of the Talim, proper initiatives need to be taken up to bring the sport up. Let’s hope the film spreads the information and makes people aware about the current situation of the Indian wrestling grounds.

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