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Much Awaited Nano Robot Is Here

The researchers led by Jinyao Tang from the University of Hong Kong have developed a nano robot that can help surgeons to prevent tumors. The researchers have claimed that this is the World first light-seeking synthetic nano robot that can work as a helping hand for surgeons. As per the scientists the robot is much capable to remove tumors and enable more precise engineering of targeted medications. These newly developed micro robots are as small as a blood cell and can be injected into a patient’s body, the researchers said.

These tinny robots are made with two common and low-price semiconductor materials such as silicon and titanium oxide. The structure has made through shaping the silicon and titanium oxide into nano-wires. Additionally the scientists have said that, during the amalgamation, they arranged the nano wires into a small nanotree heterostructure.

Currently, the scientists are working on the nano robotic system. The technology has not been used for disease treatment yet but the scientists are planning to utilize this next generation as an efficient and biocompatible tool.

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