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Mumbai City FC Coach Guimaraes Unhappy with Referee Pranjal Banerjee

India is famous for its sports. Football is India’s second most popular game. It is played extensively in the country, with the maximum fan following in Goa, Kerala, West Bengal, Mizoram, Manipur and Sikkim.

In ISL 2017/18, Iain Edward Hume, a Canadian footballer striker for Kerala Blasters scored the only goal of the night as Kerala Blasters registered an important achievement against Mumbai in January 14’s crunch ISL encounter. While Mumbai's players were still taking their respective positions, Kerala's goal amazed them. However, the referee too was not ready for the game. Before the team could realise anything, Pekuson spontaneously released Hume who kept the ball past keeper, Amrinder. Mumbai City FC coach, Alexandre Guimaraes was shocked and speechless. He was extremely angry and sad. He felt that it was very unfair on the part of the referee to let the goal stay under unsure circumstances. Moreover, in the second half, Mumbaikars managed to give back the similar shot but unfortunately Keralites blocked it completely. Considering the fact that managers have been suspended earlier for keeping their opinion on matters like this, Mumbai's coach said he would not comment on this. However, he said that Mumbai team played well and gave their best but failed to finish off their moves. He continued saying that the team tried to follow their style and managed it well. The team handled well apart from making efforts to somehow draw the game. Every game comes with risks and uncertainty and something similar happened.

By: Anuja Arora




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