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Must Follow Football Skills to Win Your Opponent

Football is such a sport which requires great strength and wisdom both at the same time. Football is such a complex game that any coach would fall short in guiding his team. However, below are few football skills that can help you to start with the game.

The Cruyff Turn: Just face your opponent with the ball; position yourself to give a shot. Drag the ball behind your standing leg. Then just turn and be on your way when the opponent is left flat – footed.

The Shoulder Feint: Just go one way by dropping one shoulder as if you are moving in that direction. Then, quickly change the way and move to that way. Just wrong – foot your marker.

Stepover: Popular in modern football. Flick your foot fully over ball but without touching the ball. Feign to move on way like this. Then kick the ball in opposite direction.

The Nutmeg: Face your opponent allows him to cover your attack. Take the advantage of gap between his legs and pass the ball. Then skip around his body.

By: Bhavna Sharma




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