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Mystery Revealed Behind Use of Ancient Artifacts

A team of archaeologists and psychologists have explained how the artifacts were being used by ancient humans. The study was focused on clearing the archaeological mystery. According to the researchers earlier there was a belief that stones were being used as tool. On the other hand some used to think stones were served as hunting-weapons.

 The research was led by Ph.D. students from Beckett Leeds University, England and University of Wyoming. According to the researchers the study was conducted on 1.8 million and 70,000 years old stones. The stones were excavated at the Cave of Hearths in South Africa's Makapan Valley nearly 30 years ago, said the researchers. The researchers stated that the study has cleared that the throwing of stones played an essential role in the development of hunting.

 Furthermore the results showed that this function was an option, stated the archeologists. The results showed that the use of stones were multipurpose where the scientists added that throwing is the sole, or even main purpose of these spheroids.


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