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NASA to Challenge the Space Radiation Barriers

As per the scientists till now space radiation is the biggest challenge for a human journey to red planet. It is also true that NASA is building technologies and counter measures to guarantee a safe and successful journey to Mars.

The scientists stated that “some people think that radiation will keep NASA from sending people to Mars, however, that's not the present situation”. The recent observation is led by Pat Troutman, NASA Human Exploration Strategic Analysis Lead.

The scientists further added that “when we add the various mitigation techniques up, we are confident it will lead to a successful Mars mission with a healthy crew that will live a very long and productive life after they return to Earth”.

Space radiation is pretty different and riskier than radiation on Earth. The researchers said that outside the magnetic field there are galactic cosmic rays, commonly known as (GCRs), solar particle events (SPEs) and the Van Allen Belts. These aspects contain trapped space radiation.

By: Priyanka Negi



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