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Kerala women won the national basketball championship, earning their state their second title in the championship history after 32 years. Their coach Antony Stephan told the Kerala women players "It's your best chance. You may never get another opportunity like this, maybe never again in your life" after the third quarter of the final.

The players in response put forward a memorable performance to make a record. Kerala’s success in all the matches of the campaign is the fruit of their teamwork. Every player responded aptly to the situation and played as per the team’s game plan, said Stephen, who has been coaching the team for the three recent national championships.

Indian International Jeena PS, worked to pull the team forward during the critical points. "From 2010, I have been playing for Kerala in the nationals. Our results kept improving over the years and it's a dream come true for most of us to win it finally," she said.

Their victory is even more significant as it was attained without Stephy Nixon, who was deterred before the tournament owing to health issues. Players like Poojamol KS abd Nimmy George put their hand up. 

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