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NBA Schools in India

NBA announced on Friday about the launch of the NBA Basketball School, in Mumbai. The director of NBA India said that his strategy for the game was- Grassroots to high performance.

The NBA Basketball School will be a chain of basketball tuition program all around the world for players between 6 to 18 years of age. This school will act as an extra step between the Jr. NBA and NBA Academies. The establishment of the school is based on the aim to nurture players who have a talent and get them to attend classes at the academies.

The 1st school in India was launched in Mumbai. It was a part of a multi-year agreement with India on Track. India on Track is a sports management, developing and marketing company. In the coming months more schools have been planned to be launched all over India.

If all goes well, we may soon see an Indian player in the international ground. Till then let’s wait for the things to unfold.


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