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Nera White, An Unforgettable Legend

Nera White was a great athlete who dominated Women’s Basketball during the 1950s and 1960s. Like many other great athletes who never got the acclaim they deserve, Nera also was overshadowed. She is considered the greatest in basketball, but many people have probably never heard about her. She was a strong and fast player who had a deadly accurate 25-foot set shot. She was born in 1935 and was a natural athlete. She played for an Amateur Athletic Union team sponsored by NBC from 1995 to 1969 and she was an AAU All-American 15 year in a row. Her teammates had a busy travel schedule during the season but they all managed to have a tightly bonded group. White had no children, so she adopted a teammate’s son and brought him herself.  She was introduced into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1992 and was crowned by The Sporting News with the title “the dominant women’s basketball player of her era”. She can never be forgotten by those who played with or against her.

By: Divya Thakur


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