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Never-Ever Ignore ‘Teeth-Grinding’ During Sleep in Teenagers

A study suggested that teeth – grinding in teenagers during their sleep could symbolize that they are being bullied at school. The study was performed by oral health charity in the UK. They found that teenagers who bear bullying activities in school are far more likely to grind their teeth during sleep. This sign can indicate parents that their children might be a victim of bullying.

The research discovered that the adolescents who suffered verbal bullying in school were four times as likely to suffer from sleep bruxism (65%) in comparison to those who were not (17%). Overtime of sleep bruxism can lead to oral health problems and includes migraines, sensitive  and worn teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, loosing of teeth and severe oral pain. It can lead to irreparable harm.

The researchers of this study promoted awareness amongst schools, parents and care givers of children and asked them to be alert when children complain about oral health problems and symptoms related to bruxism. As all such problems and symptoms can signify that a child might went through bullying session and identifying such problems will help to tackle this issue.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Hindustan Times

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