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New BBC Programme 'Civilisations' to Showcase the Heart of Human Creativity

Civilisations is the new nine-part BBC two series blockbuster show which historian Simon Schama will unveil with Mary Beard and David Olusoga. Schama has described the show as a daunting challenge. The series has been inspired by the Kenneth Clark's landmark series on Western art. When it was first shown in 1969, it made it's historian presenter a star and the show was, undoubtedly, a huge hit. The show tells the story of art from the dawn of human history to the present day. It has already been three years in the making.

 His programmes will have a look at the origins of the human creativity, documenting the very first known marks that were made around 80,000 years in the South African caves. His expedition goes on from the civilisations of Petra in Jordan and the Maya in Guatemala and Mexico. In the following episodes, he travels through the Palladian villas in Veneto, Italy and the American landscapes captured by photographer Ansel Adams. Civilizations is soon going to be the next phase of the tradition of TV with the power to change lives. Other programmes that follow the route is civilisations on your doorstep on BBC 2 that explores the stories and controversies behind the exceptional work of art displayed in the museums across Britain from all over the world. It explores the art that we see in museums and galleries of UK and draws fine line between civilisation and barbarity.

By: Neha Maheshwari




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