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New Crab Genus Found In China

Chinese scientists have discovered a new species of crabs in China’s northern fish market. A researcher from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou found this new colorful crab during a survey inside an attractive fish market in Northern Guangdong.


The researchers have said that this newly found bright-colored crab belongs to a completely new genus. The study has also analyzed that these crabs are getting fame because of their bright and attractive color. In addition the researchers have observed that adult crabs are more brightly colored as compared to the young crab.



The researchers have described the features of the crab which include maroon-brown shell. Their claws have got reddish purple hues, slender legs, oddly shaped reproductive system and so on.


The scientists have named this newly found as Yuebeipotamon calciatile. Along with freshwater crab the scientists have found many other species as well which can help them to understand the animal’s ecology.


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