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New Discoveries on Alien Oceans outside Earth

NASA uncovered new discoveries related to oceans outside Earth and which are present in our solar system. On April 13, NASA organized a press conference on it. The findings of this discovery were taken from Hubble Space Telescope and NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft that orbits around Saturn.

The new discoveries informed about Ocean World Exploration. It is also going to help in the launch of NASA’s upcoming Europa Clipper Mission in 2020s. More information will be yielded on life beyond Earth through it. Various scientists participated from Cassini and Hubble missions, NASA's planetary exploration and science directorates.

Since 2004, Saturn and its many moons are under detailed observation by NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft. It is going to end its journey on September 15 this year. The Hubble Space Telescope is revolving around Earth since 1990. It has also taken striking images of Universe.


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