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New Magnetic Material can Repel Icy Surface

Scientists at the University of Houston, US have created a new smart material that can de-ice any surface. The scientists explained that this new device can fight deadly icy conditions. Additionally, the device can work in various situations such as bad weather due to a heavy storm.

One side of the surface of the material known as a magnetic slippery surface (MAGSS), coated with a magnetic material. On the other side there is a thin layer of magnetic fluid - a mixture of fluid and iron oxide nano-particles stated the developers.

When a droplet of water hits the surface, the magnetic fluid acts as a barrier stopping the droplet from reaching the solid surface, said the scientists. As per the scientists, the magnetic fluid faces outside.

The scientists added that the liquid-filled surfaces have inspired routes for the development of de-ice surfaces. However, the scientists faced many difficulties while developing this method such as high freezing temperature, high ice adhesion strength, and high cost.

Content Source: Hindustan Times

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