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New Revelation about Temperature on the Pluto

How much heat will be there in the atmosphere is determined by the gas composition of a planet's atmosphere. A new research has proved that the predicted temperature on the Pluto is even higher than prediction done by the NASA's New Horizons spacecraft in 2015.A novel cooling mechanism has been proposed by a new study.  The first planetary body where the atmospheric energy budget is controlled by solid-phase haze particles and not by gases is the Dwarf planet Pluto. The newly proposed cooling mechanism absorbs the heat by the haze particles. After that absorption it emits infrared radiation that makes the atmosphere cool by radiating energy into space. The excessive infrared radiation released from haze particles should be detectable by the James Webb Space Telescope in Pluto's atmosphere. The haze particles originate from chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere, where sun’s ultraviolet radiation ionizes nitrogen and methane gases. It reacts to form tiny hydrocarbon particles. These very small particles stick together to become larger as they descend simultaneously. The research findings are being considered useful in investigating the exo-planets with foggy atmospheres around them. With the help of the present research scientists are trying to study the effects of haze particles on the balance of other planetary body’s atmospheric energy, like the moons of Neptune and Saturn too.


By- Anita Aishvarya

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