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Newly Made Building Can Sense Internal Damages

The researchers at MIT have developed a model that can sense vibrations and manage itself from internal damage. According to the scientists, this newly developed building can tackle the earthquake. After an event like an earthquake, the changes can be seen in its features, added the scientists. The scientists added that this development works much like a human mechanism. The building offers regular monitoring and records same as a health book. The scientists also compare this new building with a persons’ blood pressure that changes with age.

After developing this computational model, the scientists have used it on a 21-story building made in the 1960s using reinforced concrete. The researchers have developed the building in 2010, with 36 accelerometers that can trace vibrations and actions on selected floors. The accelerometer evaluates the vibrations from the buildings foundation to its roof. Along with this the sensors works as an embedded nervous system, added the scientists.

At its first step, the scientists created a simulation of the building that shows physical structure, and all its fundamental physics. The scientists have added several parameters into the model such as strength and thickness of concrete walls. 

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