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Odd Facts about the Game of Tennis

Tennis is like that person you know who seems too good to be true and possesses wonderful weirdness. Some of the weirdest facts about tennis are

(i) Tennis balls can kill

Scotland’s King James I often lost his tennis balls in the sewage drain at the corner of his court. Therefore, he got that drain sealed. One evening when assassins attacked him, he could not escape from that drain which he had sealed and was killed. This way his love for tennis balls sealed his murder.

(ii) Pineapple on the Trophy

The Wimbledon trophy has a pineapple on top of it. It is symbolic of the tradition of English sailors.

(iii) Tennis balls were originally white

It was at the Wimbledon that yellow balls were used.

(iv) Winning two gold medals is not a problem

John Pius Boland won two gold medals in singles and doubles matches in 1896.

(v) Tennis Match as long as 3 days

In 2010, at Wimbledon the longest match lasted for 11 hours, 5 minutes.

(vi) Equality: Wimbledon Part II

In 2007, the prize money for Wimbledon winners became equal for men and women.

(vii) 34 Minutes to Success

The shortest Grand Slam final took place when Steffi Graff won in just 34 minutes.

(viii) No racquets were used

Initially tennis was played with hands only.

(ix) The origin of love

Some say that “love” that is used for zero in tennis has a French origin whereas others say that it has a dutch origin.

By: Anuja Arora



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