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Oldest Indication of Human’s Impact on Earth’s Geology Found

The Dead Sea in Israel gave evidence for the earliest evidence of human’s impact on the geology and ecosystems of Earth. The evidence found is at least 11,500 years old. Professor Shmuel Marco and co – authors along with him from Tel Aviv University found basin – wide erosion rates within core sample retrieved from Dead Sea.

Tectonic and climatic system of the period recorded were incompatible with the found erosion rates. Professor Marco said that it is necessary to study fundamental processes as the environment is in danger. This discovery gave a quantitative assessment of human’s impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystems.

Dead Sea basin was excavated up to 1, 500 – foot – deep drill core. The research done is a part of Dead Sea Deep Drilling Project. The sample from core provided scientists with a sediment record of last 220,000 years.


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