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Opening Ceremony of 65th All India the Obaidullah Khan Heritage Hockey


The first day of Obaidullah Khan Heritage Hockey was organized in Bhopal on 14th September, 2016. The opening ceremony was inaugurated by Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh-Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Along with Shivraj Singh Chouhan eight Rio Olympians also marked their attendance at the opening ceremony.


The Obaidullah Khan Heritage Hockey tournament is known to be one of the highest prize- money domestic Tournament of hockey among other tournaments. The ceremony started with a beautiful dance performance which was choreographed by choreographer Santosh Shetty. Five hundred people including sports persons participated in the dance performance.


After the opening ceremony all the participating teams took to the ground. Match took into huge upset as Oil and Natural Gas Corporation beat ‘Murugappa Gold Cup’s runners up Indian Oil Corporation Ltd’. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd won the match with 4-2 scores.


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