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Openness Of Mothers Bring Creativity In Their Children

Parents help their kids to pursue their dreams and mothers are the support system and with them kids experience more joy and even the smallest successes. Especially, mothers with open mind set cultivate a creative environment for their children as suggested by researchers. The study was done by the researchers from Universities in Poland which was headed by Joanna Martin Kwasniewska about how the personality traits of mothers and how this affects the creativity of their children. Research was done on over 3,000 mothers from Poland participated in study and they analysed their personalities based on BigFive Trait model which includes extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.  Mothers were asked to answer the questionnaire to assess the environment of children in which they are raised in and how it affects the creativity of their children. The conclusion after the research was that the mothers who exhibit openness are able to provide the most creative conditions for their children.  Researchers explained that the findings show that openness to experience is positive predictor of mother’s activities that makes an environment for creativity in her relationship with the child. Extrovert, emotionally stable and agreeable mothers are more likely to motivate their children to ne innovative and learn from their mistakes.

By: Srishti Sharma


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