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Other Than Football, Here's Why Cricket Holds Popularity Too

The roots of cricket dates back to the British colonialism period and it are safe to say that the sport has not just survived but thrived through the period. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, second to football. Here are the reasons why: 

Cricket Economics

Most fanshare of cricket is in South Asia that constitutes to a fifth of entire world's population. India, where cricket is a pseudo religion has a population of over a billion. Cricket also draws a lot of viewership from Pakistan, England, Australia and South American countries. Professional leagues in the cricket are much largely dominated by areas where it already has a strong base. ICC also holds a crucial role that has maintained the dynamism of the game.

Growth and Prospects:

The Twenty20 format has bought the exhilaration and determination to the game back that was lacking before. This format has also given rise to some new format of games such as one of the most profitable domestic leagues of all time - Indian Premier League. IPL’s brand value is in excess of 4 billion dollars. There are also some avid followers of the game in Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Another factor that contributes to cricket's strong roots is its fan following in the Caribbean Islands. The only problem with cricket is its internet advancement that lacks due to it major ardent followers from third world countries. But, considering the growth that will change in immediate future.


By: Neha Maheshwari


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