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Patna Boy Selected for NBA Academy

Recently, a 14-year-old Patna boy has been selected for training at the soon-to-open National Basketball Association (NBA) academy. National Basketball Association (NBA) is known as the famous game that promises a fruitful career in many countries such as United States.

Blessed with a good height Robin Banerjee is 6 feet and three inches tall. This brilliant child is studying in 9th class at Varanasi (UP).The reports showed that Robin has got through the two-tier combative selection trials held at Kolkata and Noida, respectively, to be part of a list of 21 players chosen for the NBA Academy India.

As per the officials, the NBA is going to launch in the month of April this year. The NBA and the ACG Worldwide Group recently announced the names of these top 21 players from this year’s ACG-NBA Jump National Finals. Three more players will be chosen in the months prior to the opening of the NBA Academy.



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