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Personality Is Linked To Brain’s Structure

A new study published in the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience journal says that the shape of our brains partly determines our personality. Psychologists classify human personality into 5 big groups. These include neuroticism, extraversion (a measure of enthusiasm), agreeableness (a measure of selflessness), openness, and conscientiousness (a measure of self-control).

They found that the outer layer (cortex) of the brain is less wrinkly and thicker in neurotic people susceptible to psychiatric disorders and mood changes. The cortex is more folded and thinner in certain locations with a larger surface area, in people with “open” personalities.

This research studied the brain image scans of over 500 volunteers. These findings suggest that personality may be the outcome of brain’s rough structure and its internal circuitry.

"Our work supports the notion that personality is, to some degree, associated with brain maturation, a developmental process that is strongly influenced by genetic factors," said Dr Roberta Riccelli, one of the researchers.

Studying the link between basic personality traits and brain structure will improve our understanding of the relation between the two in healthy people. This will help us figure out the odd structures in individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders. 


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