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Photography Exhibition Titled My Daughter is Precious

A photography exhibition which was titled as My Daughter is Precious was held at The American Center in the capital of India. The exhibition was conducted to celebrate the dreams and aspirations of millions of daughters across India.

The beautiful exhibition had candid Polaroid’s of daughters with their fathers and these photographs adorned the walls at the exhibition. Each photograph represented a story of hope and an intense longing for the future. The father – daughter duo of Rajesh Ramakrishnan and Kaavya Rajesh came out with the idea of this exhibition. Their creative energies resulted into such an inspiring collection of photographs. They received the idea of organizing such an exhibition from the documentary titled ‘Girl Rising’ which was directed by Richard E Robbins.

The documentary portrayed the struggle of girls to obtain education in developing countries. The aim of this idea was to foster an essential lesson in equality amongst parents.

Content: Hindustan Times

By: Bhavna Sharma

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