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Physicists Have Devised New Mathematical Model in Nanoreactors

A new mathematical model for two different molecules has been devised within nanoreactors. Theoretical Physicists have been working on this and the molecules act as catalysts in nanoreactors. They achieved surprising new insights on this. The factors which promote reactions and how to control them and select them were the major insights.

A wide range of research fields from biophysics to energy materials are covered through this model. Just like a catalyst, nanoreactors are little systems which carry out specific chemical reactions. Many of them are present in biological systems such as proteins. Chemists today are capable of synthesizing artificial nanoreactors to control chemical reactions. The most crucial class of these nanoreactors has “yolk and shell” kind of architecture. There is a catalytically active metallic nanoparticle which has a surrounding periphery of a shell consisting of a polymeric network. Isolated environments for particular reactions are created by these nanoreactors. The nanoreactors also restrict them to the little space available inside the shell.

By: Bhavna Sharma




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