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Playing Chess Can Make Children Smarter

As per a study, chess is the most loved game among all age groups since it was first played in Afghanistan back in 600 AD. The scientists have claimed that people who play chess have a sharper brain than who do not.

The scientists added that the nature of this game calls for mental acuity and perceptiveness among many other skills. Additionally, a person’s expertise in the game can easily convince someone else of his overall intellectual adeptness.

As per the studies performed in various institutional settings, the game of chess has shown to yield a number of cognitive benefits in children such as boosting brain power, improving IQ, and enhancing arithmetical skills, etc.

Besides children, chess is also beneficial for elderly people, suggested the scientists. According to a chess enthusiast, Ben Franklin playing chess can enhance crucial skills of circumspection, careful observation, caution, percipience, and forethought. Franklin has also written an essay (On the Morals of Chess) which he has elaborated about the effective benefit of playing chess.



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