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Poetry Can Increase Your Creativity

Many of you have probably read poems in your schools. Some of you must have also memorized a poem at some moment. But have you realized how writing or memorizing a poem can help in learning things?


Many experts have suggested that creating a poem can enhance creativity in humans. Along with memory development poems can help students in their academics. A best way to think of a poem is to consider it as a word play.


A study says that poems can help children to increase their vocabulary as well as word knowledge. Through rhymes and poems children can understand that there are words which are similar in sound but with different meanings.


Like other art forms, making poetry can also work as an enjoyable or moving experience for children. Children learn about the poem’s pattern and become capable of identifying the particular pattern. Moreover students recognize the poem pattern and about the sequence.


According to many teachers and experts practicing poems and rhyming can be a fun activity for students. Along with creativity rhyming helps the child to learn various words and their usage.



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