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Practice Volley Shot in Tennis to Perform Better

A volley is known to be a tennis shot in which the ball is actually struck before it bounces on the ground. It is a technique through which a player hits a volley while standing near the net. The word has been derived from M. French volée meaning flight.

The main aim of the volley is to go on the offensive and cut the amount of time for the contender to react. The other advantage is that a player eliminates any probability of a bad bounce from an uneven surface like grasses and clay courts. A volleyer has got wider choice of angles near the net to hit into opponent’s court. To execute this shot, very quick reflexes and hand – eye coordination are required. The passing shot and the lob are the primary means of countering a volley.

The initial volley near the service line has been fairly made by a player who advances to the net in the serve and volley type of game. In the hope of making a put – away volley for a winning point, the player will move closer. It is often called “no man’s land”.

By: Bhavna Sharma



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