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Pros and Cons of Feedback and its Role in Stimulating Creativity

The feedback is taken to seek information about the people’s reaction towards any activity or task. It is used as a basis for improvement. Feedback is considered essential to the working and survival of all regulatory mechanisms and their smooth functioning. It is strongly believed that when the feedback is sought from colleagues, managers, family members and friends, it enhances employees' creativity. Seeking feedback from different sources enhances one's creativity as, it leads to a greater diversity of viewpoints. It enables us to make improvements. Feedback environment of employees consists of two key feedback sources, supervisors and the co-workers.

According to a new social research, feedbacks are not in all cases sufficient for stimulating creativity in the employees. It’s not always possible to get unbiased feedback. At the same time it is even more important to ensure that the work environment is optimal enough to utilize the benefits of feedback in the right way.  Sometimes the negative feedback demotivates the employees that ultimately affect their creativity.   Feedback alone is not enough to ensure success in decision making. On the other hand positive feedbacks may lead the employee to be overconfident. Therefore, it is important to have a thorough check of the feedback and its authenticity before implementing it in one’s life or work.  

By: Anita


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