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Punjabi Kabaddi: Contact Sport That Has Punjabi Origins

Punjabi Kabaddi also called as kauddi is a contact sport that originated in the region of Punjab. Punjab region has a lot of traditional kabaddi styles that are originated and played only in the region. Circle style also called as the Punjab Circle Style in played at both state and international level. The Punjab Circle Style game is governed by the Amateur Circle Kabaddi Federation of India.

 Some of the notable types of Punjabi Kabaddi are:


  • Lambi Kauddi: There are 15 players that play across a circular pitch of 15-20 feet. There is no referee and the players can run as far as they can.
  • Saunchi Kauddi: This kind of kabaddi is best described to be as same as boxing. It is quite popular and most often played in Malwa area of Punjab. It has unlimited players that play in a circular pitch.
  • Goongi Kabaddi: The name itself explains that in this kabaddi the player doesn't say kabaddi but rather just touches opponent's team player. The opponent player who he has touched can only stop the player from going back.

 Some of the notable competitions in the field of Kabaddi are Kabaddi World Cup, Women's Kabaddi World Cup, Asian Kabaddi Cup, UK Kabaddi Cup and World Kabaddi League. Due to the formation of states of Haryana and Punjab in India, the games came to be known as Haryana Kabaddi and Punjabi Kabaddi for awhile until Amaterur Circle Kabaddi Federation of India was formed and the sport came to be known as circle kabaddi.


By: Neha Maheshwari


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