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Puri Beach Festival: A Feast for the Fun Lovers

Puri is a beautiful tourist place in Orissa. It is famous for its rich heritage and culture. The Beach Festival of Puri is organized every year on a beautiful beach namely Sea Beach, Swargadwara.

It is a very delightful festival that is celebrated every year in the month of November and continues for five days continuously. Tourists from all over the country come to be a part of this amazing celebration. Puri Beach Festival is organized by the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Odisha (Orissa), co-sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, the Department of Tourism, Government of Odisha (Orissa), Development Commissioner of Handicrafts and the Eastern Zonal Cultural Center, Calcutta altogether. This festival was inaugurated on 29th October 1993. This festival is combined with events like cultural programs, exhibitions, fashion shows, gastronomy, sports, etc. It provides a platform to show the talent and cultural heritage of Orissa in its true spirit. The beautiful exhibition of Handicrafts, Handloom and Sand Art are also there to give feast to fun lovers. Some modern touch has been given by adding rock concert and fashion shows to it. It is festival that should not be missed.

By: Anita Aishvarya





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