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Qualities of a Great Leader: A New Study

There are many qualities in a leader which lead to a productive and well – lead team. A new study revealed that confidence is the key component to be a successful leader. This study is done by Dina Krasikova, assistant professor of Management at The University of Texas at San Antonio. She is an expert in leadership and did her research at modern workplaces.

She explained how useful and novel ideas by a leader are carried by employees as their responsibility. Creativity is very crucial in many organizations like Google where creative products are sold. Her top research showed that inefficient and tyrant leaders will demoralize their employees. Sometimes as a leader, one feels helpless in certain situations and gets stuck in conflicts. Clear roles and communication can help at such adverse times. She makes it more vivid by explaining that the leader has to be confident about creative input and output. Subordinates automatically become more creative then.  It’s about the diffusion of leader’s confidence and creativity.

A leader has to be influential and positive to inspire subordinates. Lastly, interpersonal relationship amongst leader and subordinates is very important. This relationship finds its base in trust, loyalty and mutual professional respect. Leaders have to prove themselves once they are in a position.



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