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Queen Nefertari’s Mummified Legs Revealed by Archeologists

A team of archeologists from University of York's Department of Archaeology have identified the remains of Egypt's most legendary Queen. The archeologists used radiocarbon dating, anthropology, palaeopathology, genetics and chemical examination to recognize the newly found remains.

According to the scientists, the remains belong to Queen Nefertari, the much-loved wife of the pharaoh Ramses II. As per the findings the queen was provided with a beautifully ornamented tomb in the Valley of the Queens. The tomb was first researched by Italian archaeologists in 1904, and had objects which were sent to the Egyptian Museum in Turin.

The remains include well-preserved legs which could have been part of a later burial.  However, as the legs had never been investigated, it was decided to undertake the recent study to find out if the legs could represent queen ‘Nefertari’. Scientists have analyzed the newly found material used to preserve the legs are consistent with 13th Century BC mummification traditions.


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