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Many times we hear news about people coming from the poor background, struggled but the failed to achieve success. However, the story of Rahul Bodke is little different from those thousand of people, struggling to achieve their dreams. Son of a taxi driver, Rahul Bodke is a Nasik-based wrestler who had heavy weight responsibilities on his shoulders during his initial training days. Despite this, Rahul tried hard, kept all the challenges on the backseat and achieved his targets. In result, today he is all set to represent India in World Wrestling Entertainment tryouts in the Dubai Opera. Many wrestlers are now trying to make it to the WWE platform, largest in the world to show a person’s prowess in wrestling and Rahul is one of them.

During an interview Bodke said, he took inspiration from his elders, he used to see his grandfather wrestling on the ground. Rahul also added that his father also used to wrestle in his young days. However, his father had to quit wrestling to support his family financially. The wrestler also added that he want to fulfill his father’s dream and want to make India proud on national and international grounds.


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