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Railways’ Album from British Era Discovered

A hidden historical treasure has been found during the Diwali Cleaning Routine led by the Central Railway authorities. When they were clearing the drawing room of their headquarters, they were surprised to see a collection of rare pictures and newspapers. Most of the collection was from the early 1950s.

Even few of the pictures dated back to the 1850s. The photographs portrayed the construction of the railways all across India. It can be traced back to the period of British. The book has the earliest records of the Mumbai city and consists of never seen designs of the suburban railway stations. It included pictures of Byculla, Sion, Kurla and Ghatkopar. All these designs were drawn up by the engineers during British era. This discovered album has a picture of a news article that dated back to 1854. It showcases the scene from Sion hill station and an extremely rare picture of Tapti Bridge located in Surat.

Content: Hindustan Times

By: Bhavna Sharma

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